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Hey, y'all! If you're looking for me on tumblr, you can

The art blog hasn't updated in a while, but I might get around to it. Who knows. Anyway, thanks for your interest in my art. 
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Wow, I say I'm taking a tiny hiatus and the next thing you know, I've completely abandoned you guys for almost two years.

I'm sorry, haha.

I'll try to get back into the swing of things.

If you have any questions about commissions, past or present, feel free to contact me. But please know that I'm still in a huge funk and the only art I make is personal and school related (and few and far between) right now, until I can get back my mojo. :(

I love y'all~ :heart:
I lied. I'm taking an indefinitely long hiatus. :iconherpderpplz:
Hey community, whassup?

I'll be honest. I had an awesome deal going on with a cool company about featuring my work... And it fell through. No real reason as to why, it just did. It hurt pretty bad, so I feel the need to vent a little.

Have you ever gone through your old work and been in awe of what you had accomplished back then? I'm feeling that way right now. My old sketchbooks seem to contain so much life and detail that I don't bother with nowadays. I feel as though in some ways, I've regressed quite a bit. At least in matters of composition and detail.

I feel like I've become sort of a sell out. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy knowing that my work sells. But I guess I feel like it doesn't matter how well my work sells if I'm only drawing because I want limelight. I think I want more than that. Like, yanno, to be an actual artist, to go forward and not backward.

For a while now, my art has been this way. For years, even. It's because I used to have so much going on around me. As artists, our experiences shape our art. For me, my art is an extension of who I am as a person. If I feel like there is no detail in my life, my art comes out that way. Everything is a shade of gray right now. I wanna find detail again.

I want to find something to draw about. Instead of flat, boring guys and gals on flat, boring backgrounds, not really doing anything. Just... standing. Facing forward.

It's all very boring. I've noticed it, I'm sure you all have.

Anyway, just rambling. Bye, bb. :heart:
I don't write journals very often. You'll have to excuse me, I'm in a Robitussin induced haze.

As you all know, Haiti was hit with a massive quake. Being half Dominican, I felt that this was a little too close to home.

Here's a page full of options to help you donate to Haiti relief efforts:…

Please donate, even if it's a dollar. You can even text your donation. How easy is that? You don't even have to get up and find your credit card.

Much love. Pray for the people in Haiti. :heart:
I felt I needed a TOS. I don't think anything here is horribly unreasonable, but the whole thing is a little excessive. Ha, I was bored and I wanted to be thorough. D: Sketch commissions will open tomorrow. <3

Terms of Service

By accepting these terms, the customer agrees with all of the following.

1. Artist's rights;

:bulletpink:a. The artist holds the rights to all artwork unless the customer has purchased these rights. This includes the rights to use and redistribute personal commissions in any way (i.e. display, prints, graphics, and merchandise). If a commissioner would not like me (the artist) to use the image that they have purchased, they must discuss this with me upon ordering their work.
:bulletpink:b. I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
:bulletpink:c. I have the right to set and change my prices at any time, for any reason.
:bulletpink:d. I have the right to add, discontinue, and offer products and services at my discretion. The item or service you want might not always be available to you. The services that I offer vary based on my available time and the products vary according to availability.
:bulletpink:e. I have the right to work on commissions in any order.
:bulletpink:f. I have the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time, for any reason.
:bulletpink:g. NO ONE is allowed sell, mass produce, commercialize, redistribute, or use my artwork without my complete written permission.

2. Customer rights;

:bulletpink:a. The commissioner has the right to privately and publicly display the art for personal use. It may be posted to blogs and websites, used for personal site graphics, and kept in private folders.
:bulletpink:b. The commissioner accepts that they may not publicly display the art without proper credit to the artist provided visibly alongside the work. Credit must be publicly available and easy to find.
:bulletpink:c. The commissioner has the right to cancel the commission at any time, for any reason.
:bulletpink:d. The commissioner has the right to request that their commission not be displayed in my personal online gallery.

3. Images artist will not produce, no matter the cost;

:bulletpink:a. Pornography - Tasteful nudity and slightly suggestive poses are allowed. Images depictng explicit nudity, sexual gestures, and sexual contact will not be drawn.
:bulletpink:b. Shota, lolicon, and other images depicting children in an overly sexualized way.
:bulletpink:c. Gruesome depictions of violence and gore.
:bulletpink:d. Some fetishes. Latex/rubber fetishes, vore, inflation, etc.

Discuss your ideas throughly with myself to see if it is doable. I may be willing to push a few boundaries, but for the most part, I will not do anything that a 16 year old shouldn't look at, nor will I do anything that personally squicks me out. Please do not try to talk me into doing something that I have already told you I will not do. It won't work and I will refuse your commission.

4. Images the artist will be happy to produce for you;

:bulletpink:a. Yaoi, yuri, transgender characters and crossdressers. Characters of any gender.
:bulletpink:b. Slightly suggestive interactions and poses.
:bulletpink:c. Any kind of plant, animal, robot, human, or anthro character.
:bulletpink:d. Large breasts and sexy girls and guys, within reason.
:bulletpink:e. Art in different styles from my usual ones, within reason.
Again, feel free to discuss your ideas with me in their entirety. This is just a short list of things I will be happy to draw for you. My repertoire is vast and I love a good challenge.


:bulletpink:a. If you are not familiar with my style or specialties, go through my online gallery and take a good look at my artwork. Be very familiar with my strengths and weaknesses.
:bulletpink:b. Have reasonable and realistic expectations of me. I may not be your favorite artist and you shouldn't expect me to be them. I probably can't draw exactly like them, and it can be difficult to reproduce their flair.
:bulletpink:c. Be very familiar with my business practices. It can take me a long time to complete art. If this is not good, set up a deadline or choose another artist.

6. Business Practices;

:bulletpink:a. As stated above, I can take a long time to complete art. My creativity and willpower is sporadic. It comes and goes. This means that if you do not set up a deadline, the timeline for your work can be as soon as a week from ordering, to a year later. That being said, I prefer to work with commissioners who are patient with me and accept this about me. I go on to create beautiful, satisfying works for them and they make my work a joy.
:bulletpink:b. Deadlines. I can do them. If you would really like to see your art now rather than later, you may opt to set up a deadline with me. Note that the quality of forced artwork may be different from that of freeflowing art. Not bad, just different. My piece "Fly, Little Bird" was rushed, and it got a Daily Deviation! Remember that I will refuse to sell you a piece that I'm not satisfied with. If I need more time to make your art satisfactory, I will request it.
1. Deadlines can vary, but I prefer to have at least one month to complete your work.
2. Rush art may be ordered, but you will be charged a rush fee. This fee will change depending on the complexity of the work that you need done and how soon you need it. The rush fee will be added to your initial payment.

7. What an order includes;

:bulletpink:a. A commission order includes an image, completed to your specifications. This entails;
1. A full size, non watermarked copy of your completed piece. This can be used to make personal prints, posters, etc. This may not be used to mass produce or sell merchandise, prints, graphics, etc.
2. The original version of a traditional piece.
3. A print of the art, for a small shipping fee, mailed to them upon request.
:bulletpink:b. A print order included a signed, numbered (if limited edition) print shipped to you. A business card and free gift may be included.
:bulletpink:c. A merchandise order includes your item shipped to you. A business card and free gift may be included.

8. Payment;

:bulletpink:a. I accept Paypal as my main method of payment. Other methods will be considered if your situation demands it. But for all intents and purposes, I accept Paypal ONLY.
:bulletpink:b. For small pieces and sketches under $39, I ask for full payment up front.
:bulletpink:c. For large works and works $40 and over, I will divide the payment in half. Half will be received up front, then the final half will be payed when the final, watermarked thumbnail of the image is provided. After full payment is received, the full sized, finished work will be sent.
:bulletpink:d. A non-refundable deposit of 20% (of the total cost) will be placed on all works. This is to discourage commissioners backing out on me after I have put time into their work.
:bulletpink:e. I accept credit cards and e-checks over Paypal.
:bulletpink:f. The cost of your commission includes the Paypal fees.

9. Drawing progress;

:bulletpink:a. A 'work in progress' watermarked/sample image can be requested by the commissioner at any time.
:bulletpink:b. The commissioner can have 3-5 free revisions before I will charge them a fee. The extra cost is based on the complexity of the image and the amount that needs to be revised.
:bulletpink:c. It is the commissioner's responsibility to be as clear as possible on the ideas they want featured in their work.
:bulletpink:d. The commissioner may contact me regarding their work at any time. I will try to accommodate new ideas and requests to add to their image, up until it's completion. So long as it doesn't require that I erase and re-do any part of the work, it will not be counted against them.
:bulletpink:e. If the commissioner so chooses, they are welcome to request watching me work on their commission over Livestream. If this leads to harassment or abuse of the option, I will no longer offer it.
:bulletpink:f. When ordering, it is the commissioner's sole responsibility to follow ordering instructions exactly. If instructions are not followed, the commission details may not be received, the order may not be received, the image may end up being different than imagined, their payment will not go through, etc.

10. Refunds;

:bulletpink:a. Full refunds will only be issued if you have not received a 'work in progress' showing that your artwork has been started.
:bulletpink:b. Assuming that you have already received a 'work in progress' thumbnail; If you decide that you do not want the commission any longer, I will keep the 20% deposit and you will be refunded the rest.
:bulletpink:c. If over half of the work has been completed at the time of a requested refund, only half of the money will be refunded. Again, to discourage commissioners from backing out after I have put time into their work.

All that being said, I'm happy to report that no one has ever backed out on a commission that has been paid for and started.

10. Grounds for commission refusal and cancellation - initiated by the artist;

:bulletpink:a. Belligerent and rude behavior from a customer.
:bulletpink:b. Excessive unreasonable requests that continue even after we have discussed them.
:bulletpink:c. Failure to pay when payment is due.
:bulletpink:d. Failure to understand, agree to, and abide by terms and conditions.
These are only examples. I may cancel a commission for a number of reasons, but these are my biggest pet peeves and will result in cancellation. Canceled commissions will be refunded according to my policy.

11. If a commission is refunded after it has been started;

:bulletpink:a. The artist reserves all rights to change the art into an original piece, removing your characters/ideas and substituting her own.
:bulletpink:b. The artist reserves the right to do as she pleases with the image.

If any of this is confusing, please note me and I will clarify.